Oh no, the Dems are worried again. The only one that can kill this comeback is Sleepy Joe Biden!

Congratulations to wonderful Charles Payne on having been so optimistic, and therefore correct. Market up BIG!!!

I will be doing a News Conference at 10:00 A.M. on the Jobs Numbers! White House.

This is an AMAZING JOBS REPORT! Edward Lawrence @FoxNews

I am so stunned. I’ve never seen numbers like this and I’ve been doing this for 30 years! Steve M. @MariaBartiromo

Really Big Jobs Report. Great going President Trump (kidding but true)!

No Contest. Steve blows him away. So important for Montana. I’ll be there to help Steve win big!!! t.co/K7V4pDCqHN

True. Steve is a GREAT SENATOR. Need him badly in Washington. Complete and Total Endorsement! t.co/7iG8SZZ9LZ

Thanks for your invaluable help in getting a great man PASSED to run VOICE OF AMERICA. Trying for 25 years and you got it done Jim. Idaho is proud of you! t.co/kbjjD0bU1h

We just landed Wisconsin a massive Navy shipbuilding contract. Beautiful designs! t.co/Zoli4BlNOC

So great to have Michael home. Just arrived. Very exciting. Thank you to Iran. Don’t wait until after U.S. Election to make the Big deal. I’m going to win. You’ll make a better deal now! t.co/OGJU2VWBWq

Sleepy Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill was a total disaster. It was mass incarceration for Black people, many of them innocent. I did Criminal Justice Reform, something Obama & Biden didn’t even try to do - & couldn’t do even if they did try. Biden can never escape his Crime Bill!

“Police Groups Break With Biden” @politico His handlers want him to “Defund the Police.” I want more money for Law Enforcement!

The problem with asking for someone to give you a letter of resignation, which you do as a courtesy to help them save face, is that it is then harder to say you fired them. I did fire James Mattis. He was no good for Obama, who fired him also, and was no good for me!

John Kelly didn’t know I was going to fire James Mattis, nor did he have any knowledge of my asking for a letter of resignation. Why would I tell him, he was not...


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