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Have you ever looked at who is behind these new for-profit "fact-checking" companies?

"NewsGuard" is "advised" by one of the country's most famous liars—the man who secretly built the global mass surveillance system that, once uncovered, courts condemned as an outrageous crime.

Are you an Android developer? Here's your chance to get involved with one the most important FOSS projects in the world:

Today I learned that if you're a sports reporter, you probably shouldn't heckle @JohnCusack at a game, because he's apparently a walking encyclopedia of baseball history and it will end in a video of you getting wheeled out on a stretcher.

sticks and stones may break my bones but a professor said tweets are violence

There is something miserable in the figure who enjoyed in their youth the freedom of speech, but from the comfort of age seeks to deny it to others; some deformity of the soul.

A CBDC is a perversion of cryptocurrency, or at least the founding principles and protocols of it—a cryptofascist currency, expressly designed to deny you the basic ownership of your money by installing the State at the center of every transaction.

Why is "Civil War" trending? Are they bombarding Fort Sumter? Is there a massacre on Pratt Street? Is the infantry advancing on Gettysburg?

What is a Central Bank Digital Currency, you ask? Oh, you know: just a "useful policy tool" for casually annihilating the savings of every wage-worker in the country if they don't spend them fast enough.

After a couple months of using it, I've got to say—I'm glad @SubstackInc exists.

It's hard to find a more thoughtful collection of writers and readers right now, and harder still to find a platform committed to freedom of speech.

Halcyon days.

Plus anciens

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