When I wrote this line on the third page of PERMANENT RECORD, I never imagined the government would underline it with a lawsuit on the very first day of publication: t.co/bGgLlNJvhD

For everybody wondering about , the book @JoeRogan and I are talking about—the book the government doesn't want you to see—you can get it here: t.co/oMJLOvUjG7

If you read only one thing about my memoir, , make it the cover story in this month's New York Review of Books. It is an extraordinary piece. @nybooks t.co/r1tzVa4LSQ

Yesterday, the government sued the publisher of for—not kidding—printing it without giving the CIA and NSA a change to erase details of their classified crimes from the manuscript. Today, it is the best-selling book in the world: t.co/oMJLOvUjG7

I sat down with @JoeRogan to talk about all the things that can and cannot be said -- and who decides them. From mass surveillance and my new book, Permanent Record, to deplatforming, police violence, and pardon, there's a lot here. t.co/IdXrUg31lD

Read this thread about how a federal court ruled last year that the FBI broke surveillance laws 15,993 out of 16,000 times -- and that's just the beginning. t.co/uaomAuMtsW

Cory has been radicalizing the youth in the best way for as long as I can reminder. t.co/f14yyk6Q3D

Much discussion of former TI reporters' failings misses:

1) No reporter could have prevented Winner's discovery as the news source.

2) That doesn't require Winner to be "naive" (NYT) or "clumsy" (WP). It is heroism to prioritize the public's right to know over one's own safety. t.co/6rUGoZrB8T

On the @11thHour with Brian Williams, many were surprised to hear I sought pardon for and others, rather than myself. But the President can end the war on whistleblowers at the stroke of a pen—and should. Watch here: t.co/cEBjBmd6dI

If you host a website on Amazon (or are a regulator) and you're not in the US, read about "Section 702," the law the NSA and FBI uses to demand data from US companies about non-US persons—without individual warrants! t.co/p5V9gfnJjn t.co/NOM8zGBpjU

🚨🚨 It turns out "Hey Alexa" is short for "Hey Keith Alexander." Yes, the Keith Alexander personally responsible for the unlawful mass surveillance programs that caused a global scandal. And Amazon Web Services (AWS) host ~6% of all websites. 🚨🚨

Wild, I know, but in light of the historic NSA ruling closing the book on the whistleblower question this week, and the fact that Espionage Act charges prohibit a public interest defense, it seems like something local and national campaign reporters might ask of their candidates. t.co/HFnV6K1HO8

They literally re-arrested him on the day of his trial. For those keeping note: yes, they re-arrested a man already in prison. This entire process is less trial than Soviet joke. t.co/xHli8Hgv1f

Read this and tell me that the show trial of Assange doesn't read like something from Kafka. The judge permits the charges to be changed so frequently the defense doesn't even know what they are, the most basic demands are denied, no one can hear what the defendant says—a farce. t.co/d7oYBLBvky

The extradition of Julian Assange is a malicious prosecution by any standard. Even critics of the man ought to condemn this as a show trial. The "crime" in question is the greatest public service @wikileaks ever performed: exposing Iraq-era abuses.

Drop the charges. t.co/JhIrfro7cV

This 2014 story of the NSA and FBI using FISA warrants to spy on a slate of ordinary Americans--including a Republican campaign--was almost entirely ignored by major media at the time. Hard to imagine how differently it would be covered today. t.co/kWaNbCj49Y

Going as far back as the 1970s, the federal government has prohibited fair trials for any journalist's source charged under the Espionage Act: it strictly forbids the jury from examining if the defendent was right or wrong. Here's what @DanielEllsberg wrote about his trial: t.co/N65q9mXaaJ t.co/hKndZ4g3wO


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