Starting to feel like this press conference was a mistake.

At some point, the DNC/corporate-media blob may want to reconsider whether sabotaging the candidate with a genuine, lifelong focus on the struggles of the working class was really the galaxy-brain play they imagined.

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Il est facile d’oublier, maintenant, combien de temps tout le monde s’est battu pour que cela se produise, et très franchement, à quel point il était improbable que nous puissions réussir. Quelle fin heureuse rare et extraordinaire!

Kansas City gets right up to the line of describing Mike Pompeo as "a boot-licking little weasel whose treacherous squeaks are not to be trusted on matters with even the lowest of stakes."

They probably didn't want to defame an animal.

The recitation of facts is increasingly viewed as political, and even offensive. That is a grim omen.

The founder of Visa's tweets are so incredibly dark I have trouble believing it's a real account.

I am skeptical that betting the political future of an entire party on "January 6th" as the enduring brand in which to invest all time and attention is going to seem as wise when elections come—in just 300 days.


Every serious press freedom organization in the world is calling for Assange's release, and yet the government absolutely refuses to comment—because they know nothing they say can justify such a clear act of political repression.

Freezing motorists trapped overnight on a paralyzed I-95, endless lockdowns accompany the rise of internal passports, and somehow it all still feels like prologue: half-heard reports from the ignored TV in the background of a disaster film.

The US government seeks to redefine the soul of good journalism as a heinous criminal conspiracy.

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In all my years studying classified material I was never able to discover who exactly is keeping the train- and truck-driver game industry in business.

They're still out there, somewhere, and we are powerless to stop them.

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