Stop what you're doing and read this. This leak is going to be the story of the year: (LINK:

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We might ask if someone can RT the above precisely and with the image and RT of #)EdwardSnowden, but without the twitter link.

We are interested to learn the full implications of this report.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can do this.


@PaterSnape @9x0rg @snowden
People wonder why we don't have proper journalism anymore.

This and the #UK's disgraceful treatment of JulianAssange, the silencing of real boots-on-ground #journalists on #Fakebook and #RupertMurdoch's realEstate-price-pumping #shitRags and other #corporateMedia is why.

And let's not make any mistake about it, #TheGuardian themselves have been exposed as #controlledOpposition.

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