“Human rights have not been in a crisis like this since the end of the Second World War,” says Manfred Nowak, the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture. We should listen. t.co/NABCylloDK

Democracy depends on factual consensus, which requires access to information--especially the sort some would rather not hear. What you see before you is the path to a world without witnesses, and it is our lawmakers who will decide if we continue down it--as we have for decades. t.co/UCxeLrXwj6

This looks like the first confirmed case of digital weapons made by Israel's NSO group being used against a major US reporter. NSO has repeatedly, falsely sworn their hacks are only used against "terrorists" and "serious criminals." Which one is @NYTBen? t.co/V8UnVP6OTy

"No other candidate specifically aims to make the United States more closely resemble a freer country." Provocative article from the last cycle. t.co/ksIYMbtIlm

The most essential journalism of every era is precisely that which a government attempts to silence. t.co/SC9A9sqETv

Those who looked the other way because they personally disliked Julian Assange when the DOJ indicted him under a legal theory that merely publishing clear, public-interest journalism could constitute multiple Espionage Act violations should reconsider where that road leads. t.co/KrQ7rLzKJr

Our statement at @FreedomOfPress on the false charges laid by Brazil's Bolsonaro regime against @GGreenwald for reporting the biggest corruption story in years -- corruption in the Justice Ministry itself! These charges are unbelievable, unsupported, and indefensible. t.co/wGkC4JI2GB

Absolute red alert: This is unbelievably naked retaliation for revealing extreme corruption at the highest levels of 's administration, and an existential threat to investigative journalism in . t.co/qo6v0XjgyZ

I suspect history will look back on the Suleimani assassination as the moment the US lost the long war in Iraq. The political consequences will cost the government far more presence in the region than any Iranian response. t.co/zN4sY7TWfN

"I GENERALLY CARE relatively little for the personal lives of people of note, but something that always nagged me just slightly about Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations that the NSA was spying on pretty much everyone was — how angry was his girlfriend?" t.co/ASXuEbFb6U

With the hubris of a man who had looked long at the screen, I thought I had seen it all. I was wrong. t.co/2vfvVPm73R

Start the year off right: join the 20,000 who have already signed to oppose the US government's indefinite detention of Chelsea Manning -- a situation the United Nations' Rapporteur has just found legally equivalent to torture. t.co/6dYKZekXDc

“Nearly every other legal system in the world condemns coercive confinement, and long ago replaced secret grand juries with public hearings... even knowing I am very likely to stay in jail for an even longer time, I’m never backing down.” t.co/8DBnxFHdxh

Whoever you are, whatever your values, recognize the historic importance of this: it is second time the US government's retaliation against *the same whistleblower* has been found equivalent to torture. Telling the truth has become the greatest of crimes. t.co/Aq9dlz25FO


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