We need to stop measuring "the economy" by how well rich people are doing

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@tuxicoman that’s more personal situation, not really a reflection of the strength of the dollar or how much money is flowing through our economy.
@tuxicoman I do think they are tied together but they can be affected by different things. A handful of very rich people can help keep a economy moving.


It all depend what you call a good economy.
If it's the US printing dollars to give to big companies so that they can convince people to dedicate their lifetime to work for them. Then for sure you have a good flow.

@jordan rich can drive an economy. As a monarch can be efficient too.

@tuxicoman I know it’s saddening to see people in those situations. Sometimes it was their choices that lead them there, sometimes it was something out of their control. It’s easy to be angry at a system that allows this and to blame something, but the very system we have provide money from taxes for the welfare system that is supposed to help open doors for them to make their way back to stability. While it can’t help everyone it does help many. That shouldn’t be overlooked. Our willingness to work, pay taxes, etc to the system we want to blame is the very system helping those that need the help. Sadly though, “the poor will be with you always”. Though there is rewards at the end for the poor that no other will inherit.
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