How to do end to end encryption when your recipient has multiple devices ? You should send 1 message per device?

Let see with useage. How do i know which devices my recipien uses as many his smartphone is not connected to his account at the time I send my message. So what will happen once his checks his smartphone with is that he won't be able to read my message and it will be frustating...

I would like to hear your feedback and ideas.

@tuxicoman the message is sent once but encrypted for multiple devices (all the devices validated by you, or your client if there is some kind of automatic trust in certain circumstances). If your contact is not online and check her smartphone later, she will be able to decrypt the messages, no problem (as long as it was trusted when you sent).

For messages sent before the trust, the contact won't be able to decrypt them, that's because of perfect forward secrecy is for.

@Goffi ok so I have to check what is this issue with Gajim.

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