Which client would you advice for iphone?

@tuxicoman ChatSecure for now, user experience on Monal and SiskinIM is still not good enough imho

@Muto @tuxicoman Honestly, I find the ChatSecure user experience to be pretty awful too. Siskin crashes if you try and send a file to yourself on another device (or even a message). Not tried Monal. I didn't know about this before I got an iPad and it makes me sad that I don't have a good XMPP client there.

@irl @tuxicoman their all not good yet but ChatSecure causes the least problems to me and is the only one that has all the basic features I would expect

@Muto @tuxicoman The big thing that annoyed me was that notifications are all or nothing. I don't need to be alerted about group chats unless I'm mentioned, which I can do with Conversations on Android.

@irl @tuxicoman Siskin appearently only notifies by mention but does not offer an option too, in private groups I would like to be notified always at least with ChatSecure I can have encrypted privat groups, with Siskin I can't (yet)

this is a low priority problem for me beside other things need to be done first

@Muto @irl

What are the annoying things in those 3 apps for you?

is such a great app...

@tuxicoman @Muto I want better control over notifications, I want to be able to talk to myself (e.g. send files from ipad to desktop), I want OTRv3, generally also XEP parity with Conversations.

@tuxicoman well, you have to be patient

why #OTR ? most other Clients removed it for good reason

@tuxicoman all I would say now is to be patient for the next releases of Monal and Siskin

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