Does anyone knows if VOIP feature is compatible or ?

Any feedback on those iOS/MacOS XMPP client appreciated.

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It either is compatible with Beagle or will be as Tigase (Beagle/Siskin authors) worked closely with Daniel (from during A/V tests.

Note that last time I checked Siskin it had some things that could be improved — e.g. it didn’t detect STUN/TURN servers from XMPP server ( does that) so it may not work in some restrictive environments (e.g. each participant in a NAT).

@tuxicoman Since #SiskinIM and #BeagleIM share the same codebase (IIRC), I suspect they have the same A/V properties. And since #Conversations is compatible with Siskin, I think Beagle should/could be too. No idea about AstraChat.

You can compile #Dino (@dino) for OSX. They don't support A/V, but it's a planned feature.

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