For those about to quit you can consider which is behaving the same but using decentralized protocol.

You can moreover access to you account from different softwares like


Before someone jumps in with the all too predictable comment: someone who's already been using #Whatsapp does not give a toss about sharing his phone number.

If, like me, you like your hats tin-wrapped, chances are you never were a #Whatsapp subscriber in the first place.

@0 his phone number to use an IM is just normal for many people. That's a part of the problem, but if they disvover XMPP thanks to this new whatsapp/FB , scandal, then there is hope 😉

Better try the original first. If register a XMPP account and set up is to complicated for you, then try !

@tuxicoman Anti-Features:
* NonFreeNet - you can't change the server where the accounts are created
* Tracking - uses a 3rd party service provider (Twilio) to send SMS as needed for authentication

@tuxicoman btw those anti-features are the footnote from f-Droid app description * ( last paragraph) Signal sends either encrypted txt messages, if used with non Signal users will use the internet providers network

@ti_gj06 you can't migrate your account out of unique server. Moreover you can't talk to any other server.

You have a sms verification. I don't know which 3rd party service is used for that.

Signal is not provided on fdroid because Signal forbid it (won't allow to connect to their server and thus their users)

@tuxicoman i use Langis, Conversations ( just plain Xmpp ) Matrix or Briar, Jami don't require phone numbers..or Deltachat, Sessions

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