Our application is no longer avalaible on the Google Play Store. We are investigating. Sorry for the convenience.

The application is still available on F-droid: f-droid.org/fr/packages/org.eu

@exodus Funny how these "accidents" seem to keep happening with #privacy related apps on the #PlayStore...

@tuxicoman @Blort @exodus Not because the free code. Exodus can detect google trackers and exodus gives a bad report about that. Google is angry and delete it from the play store 😔

@tuxicoman @Blort @exodus yea that's what i thought 😅... but there are enough other people who don't know 😉

@tuxicoman @kr1s000 @Blort @exodus
helllo, member of secon degree humour team, very often i use this :
⸮ point of irony

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