I have issue with clients.
They don't receive messages while the app is closed.

I have my own xmpp server running with mod_cloud_notify (so the xep for push notification)

Does any server instance has it working?


@tuxicoman @tigase I’ve got pretty much the same setup that I’ve been testing for a few weeks now (Prosody running on Ubuntu) from which I’ve been messaging an account on Siskin on my iPhone. Seems to work ok. Have you seen anything in your error logs? Maybe also try asking for help in the chat. They are very helpful.

@samir @tigase

It seems it works better once I upgraded prosody and used a more recent version of the cloud_notify module than packaged in

@samir @tigase

Were you using standard ubuntu packages and if so which versions?

I don't have iphone in hands to troubleshoot anymore.

@tuxicoman @tigase

I didn’t install anything from the package repository. For the modules (such as mod_cloud_notify) and others, I followed the instructions here:

@tuxicoman Were you able to resolve the issue? Have you checked your logs that your server can open s2s connection to and send push publication over it?

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