@starbreaker @ploum that's a high barrier to entry for extremely low value individual content. you may come to appreciate someone's presence after a while, but if i just looked at someone's last 20 posts for the first time, however good they may be, it would not convince me to open my wallet.

@Gargron @starbreaker : even if we speak about 0.01 eurocent per follower? Meaning you would pay 0.1€ per month to follow 1000 people?


@ploum @Gargron @starbreaker@octodon.social

What about a package. With your monthly fee you can follow X accounts at the same time. 😂

@tuxicoman @ploum @Gargron @starbreaker Hide the followers 🤗
Show the followings 👍🏽
Make people pay to do any of the social thing in a social network 😢 => Huge turn off

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