Julian's brother Gabriel Shipton after Belmarsh prison visit: “In his eyes and voice were signs that this hell was working its hardest in crushing any hope he had left.. I held back tears as I realised this could be one of the last times I see him.”


“The behaviour of the British government towards Assange is a disgrace, a profanity on the very notion of human rights. It's no exaggeration to say that the treatment and persecution of Julian Assange is the way dictatorships treat political prisoners.”


This morning’s hearing was not a bail hearing, it was a technical hearing. Despite this, The magistrate preemptively refused bail before the defence requested it.

Magistrate says Assange to remain in prison indefinitely. He has been in increasing forms of deprivation of liberty since his arrest 9 years ago, one week after he started publishing Cablegate. The Cablegate portion of US charges amount to a life sentence. 50 out of 175 years.

Over half a million US national text pager intercepts covering a 24 hour period surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.


MI5/MI6 puff pieces, exodus of national security & investigations reporters, and fabricated stories about Assange:

How UK's The Guardian became the mouthpiece of choice for intelligence agencies.

Important piece to understand how intel uses the media.


Peter Oborne: "Why are leaks about the British ambassador to Washington a matter of press freedom and leaks from Julian Assange a matter for the courts?"


Which US presidential candidates would continue to prosecute Assange? Which think that prosecuting journalists for publishing is unconstitutional?

The New York Times asked the 2020 candidates what they would do if elected. Read their answers here:

Call to press. Vivienne Westwood to give comment outside Belmarsh Prison tomorrow 10 Sept from 4pm following a visit with Julian Assange who is currently being held on the Medical Ward. Assange faces US extradition and 175 years in prison for publishing. t.co/2vu5MWL2AR

“How I wish, how I wish you were here, Julian” Roger Waters sings in support of Julian Assange in front of UK Home Office HQ in Central London, -event not covered by the MSM. "Did you exchange/ A walk-on part in the war/ For a lead role in a cage?"


Roger Waters: "This smear campaign against him [Assange] is all about getting him extradited to the US. They want him dead as a warning (...) The message is: if you tell the truth, we will kill you, watch! The same with Chelsea Manning"


WikiLeaks archive: 5289 documents where Robert Mugabe is mentioned.


Return to classes. You are just starting to study journalism. Your first assignment. Check the uncensorable, radical, fearless WikiLeaks library t.co/mUs31ES5d6 with valuable information of public interest, transforming the World. No fake news, just full docs.

Jeremy Hammond has been called against his will to testify before a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia, likely the same one investigating WikiLeaks and Assange. Manning is currently in jail for refusing to testify before this grand jury.

Event: On Monday, 2 Sept at 6pm, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd will perform 'Wish You Here' for Julian outside the Home Office (interior ministry) in Marsham Street in the heart of London. t.co/GCZpLADzGM

How much of a threat is Iran, really? with the truths that keep on giving:

The veteran Australian investigative journalist, who has been intimately involved in the Wikileaks drama, has turned the Assange narrative on its head.


Event tomorrow: "Global Threats to Press Freedom", a discussion at MediaCity Bergen on the arrest of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and attacks on the freedom of the press around the world.


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