Harry Dunn Case: Family campaign to stop US government putting 1,500 more intelligence agents at air base


40+ Rights Groups Call on Government to Free Julian Assange. "We call on the UK government to release Mr from prison immediately and to block his extradition to the US."


Wikileaks-Hosted "Most Wanted Leaks" Reflects the Transparency Priorities of Public Contributors | EFF


Reporters Without Borders calls again for all charges against Assange to be dropped and for him to be immediately released.


WikiLeaks’ Kristinn Hrafnsson on the new DOJ superseding indictment: 'The US have no new charges to bring, and they can’t even be bothered to send the court or the defence team the document - that just shows this is a glorified press release' t.co/4ykwUsKsrz

Listen: Veteran Four Corners/ ABC Jounalist @AndrewJFowler talking to @abcsydney: "We are all in this together" [Segment from 33.40]


Julian Assange’s legal team will have their first chance to respond to the US DOJ's superseding indictment in court this coming Monday, 29th June at further administrative hearing in London. t.co/ZgkBslqMRZ

"It is a judicial case that will decide how far journalism can go in our Western democracies. Can a journalist violate state secrets when they cover up very serious human rights violations, war crimes against entire populations and systematic torture?"


Watch: Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald talks about the new superseding indictment against Julian Assange


"Julian Assange does not have a fair trial in the UK. I say this as a professor of law" | UN Special Rapporteur on Torture |


DOJ's New WikiLeaks Indictment Has Significant, Convenient Plot Holes | Gizmodo


Why the Julian Assange Case Threatens the Free Press | 6 Pulitzer Prize Winners Explain


This is why they want to extradite Assange

Watch last weeks Webinar: The and with WikiLeaks' @khrafnsson, former @Reuters @DeanPTSD, @suigenerisjen and @SamiRamadani1


The superseding indictment leaves in tact 17 charges amounting to 170 years for publishing evidence of War crimes. The new 'allegations' relate only to 5 years of the potential 175 year sentence. It is a desperate PR move that doesn't even connect to the Chelsea Manning events. t.co/IHifm63O82

One year ago WikiLeaks predicted the DOJ would rely on a convicted fraudster, Sigurdur Thordarson, to make up more bogus claims:

June 7 2019 @wikileaks Press Release 'DOJ preparing to file additional indictment against based on testimony by a convicted conman' t.co/9q0aYmCJjM

The 'Star Witness' of the new superseding indictment is a diagnosed sociopath/ convicted conman/ child abuser/ FBI informant who was found guilty in Iceland of impersonating



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