WikiLeaks’ Kristinn Hrafnsson on the new DOJ superseding indictment: 'The US have no new charges to bring, and they can’t even be bothered to send the court or the defence team the document - that just shows this is a glorified press release'

Julian Assange’s legal team will have their first chance to respond to the US DOJ's superseding indictment in court this coming Monday, 29th June at further administrative hearing in London.

One year ago WikiLeaks predicted the DOJ would rely on a convicted fraudster, Sigurdur Thordarson, to make up more bogus claims:

June 7 2019 @wikileaks Press Release 'DOJ preparing to file additional indictment against based on testimony by a convicted conman'

Today's new Superseding Indictment against Julian Assange is a further pathetic attempt by the DOJ to dupe the public. This is about the publics right to know and the right to publish.

A cross-party group of 29 MP's have written to UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson demanding an end to Britain’s illegal administration of the Islands. The UK has rejected an International Court of Justice ruling to end the UK’s occupation of the islands

Dean Yates [@Reuters Baghdad bureau chief at the time of ]
'You have to question everything governments tell you. In this era what shocks me is the willingness of governments to lie, without any regard for the truth whatsoever'

Dean Yates [@Reuters Baghdad bureau chief at the time of ] speaking during Saturday’s Collateral Murder broadcast:
‘The US military were sitting on this video…where is the honor in that?...Now is the time to speak up’

lawyer @suigenerisjen speaking during today's Collateral Murder broadcast:
"We are looking at a situation where a journalist, editor and source are being prosecuted for releasing information that informs our understanding about War crimes"

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Australian Lawyers, Journalists, politicians and NGO’s call on Foreign Minister Marise Payne @Marisepayne to support bail for Julian Assange

See all four letters:

The Assange case is a test of [values] and the rule of law | Australian Institute of International Affairs | Dr Alison Broinowski

Watch: @DavidDavisMP speaking today: "Assange is a symbol of the American State's affront at having its secrets put out in the public domain. It's a political case"

The Darkest Corner: Center for Constitutional Rights @theCCR 2017 report into 'Special Administrative measures' -- conditions which Julian is likely to face if extradited to the United States

winner Chris Hedges [@ChrisLynnHedges] speaking about the type of treatment can expect if extradited to the US: "They will attempt to psychologically destroy him"


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