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"Wikileaks documents pinpointed fisheries minister Benhard Esau, justice minister Sacky Shanghala and businessman James Hatuikulipi as masterminds of a Namibian fishing licence donated to the Angolan government but ended up benefiting a few individuals."

Panel sees evidence of "unacceptable practices" in OPCW during investigation into the alleged chemical attack in , Syria on April 7, 2018.

Why Trump won: Clinton used media contacts to elevate Trump during primary in "Pied Piper" strategy see attachments

Tomorrow at 9 am: Julian Assange is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court for a hearing in his extradition case. There will be a protest outside the court.

Bolivian Ambassador Responds to Secret U.S. Manipulation of Climate Talks Revealed in WikiLeaks Cable (Archive)

Study based on Cablegate: Biotech Ambassadors - How the U.S. State Department Promotes the Seed Industry’s Global Agenda (Archive)

Assange is in a high security UK prison facing extradition & 175 years in US for publishing Cablegate

WikiLeaks' Cablegate exposes US diplomatic efforts to overturn EU and developing countries’ resistance to genetically modified foods (Archive)

Energy related services — Free Fracking Agreement

Analysis TiSA Energy Related Services Annex (QA) November 30, 2015

Felicity Ruby visited her friend Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison. She's written about it for Arena Magazine

UK Crown Prosecution guidance indicates criteria to pursue a prosecution concerning the death of Harry Dunn involving US diplomat's wife are satisfied, which is a step prior to FCO asking US embassy to waive immunity (it has).

Interesting write up by BBC diplomatic correspondent James Landale here, which departs from the BBC's habitual deferential tone with regard to US-UK relations.

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