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We have learned that journalists are being fed misinformation by intelligence agencies. There is no ‘Wikileaks delegate’ in Russia. The only persons authorised to speak for Wikileaks, publicly or privately, are Kristinn Hrafnsson and Julian Assange.

Al Jazeera Investigates film "Anatomy of a Bribe", based on the WikiLeaks Fishrot Files.

The Dark Side:
"According to former employees of the Spanish company, their boss, David Morales, is said to have boasted to them after returning from the US: "From now on we play in the first league ... We are now working for the dark side.""

Kerry O'Brien in Walkley Awards opening speech: "As we sit here tonight, Julian Assange is mouldering in a British prison awaiting extradition to the United States, where he may pay for their severe embarrassment with a life in prison."

German Public Broadcaster NDR filed charges against UC Global on Thursday after learning that its journalists were spied on when visiting the Ecuadorian Embassy. The Spanish security company surveilled visitors and then shared the data with US intelligence

RUV-Kveikur: “DNB was aware of money laundering risk” (Icelandic)

NRK: "DNB waited several years before closing disputed accounts" (Norwegian)

RELEASE: More documents relating to the Fishrot Files. Internal documents from DNB, partly state-owned largest bank in Norway detailing how they did not respond to their own high-risk assessment of money laundering, until pushed by Bank of New York Mellon

'Psychological torture': Pamela Anderson's direct plea to Scott Morrison.

OPCW-Douma release: “Syria watchdog accused of making misleading edits in report on chemical weapons attack”

OPCW Director General stands by the Douma report but avoids addressing any of the serious issues raised in the leaked e-mail from one of the organisations scientists, published by Wikileaks yesterday.

Misinformed? "A significant body of information including intelligence indicates the Syrian regime is responsible for this latest attack." PM Theresa May, April 14th 2018, justifying UK bombing in response to the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

Al Jazeera Investigations - Anatomy Of A Bribe promo. Based on WikLeaks Fishrot Files.

OPCW distortions: "Crucial facts “...have morphed into something quite different to what was originally drafted.”


Leaked email:

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