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Spanish judge to question Julian Assange over Ecuador embassy spying claims Friday 20 December

The Sydney Morning Herald @smh on todays case management hearing: Treaty bans extradition of Julian Assange to US

ARTICLE 19 @article19org: The UK should not allow an extradition that would have severe consequences for investigative journalism and freedom of expression around the world

"After a long phone call about Julian Assange with Prof Melzer: JA has been tortured. I think that in Europe the following must apply: Those who have been tortured need help and must be able to depend on the rule of law. Neither is ensured with JA."

"That truth is what matters most to me. It is what first drove me to journalism ..."

Guardian @guardian: Julian Assange’s extradition fight could turn on reports he was spied on for CIA

RELEASE: Third batch of documents showing doctoring of facts in released version of OPCW chemical weapons report on Syria. Including a memo stating 20 inspectors feel released version “did not reflect the views of the team members that deployed to [Syria]”

STAND BY: Release in an hour of more internal OPCW leaked files documenting concerns of up to 20 on-site inspectors with doctored version of Douma chemical weapons report

Julian Assange has been blocked from seeing evidence in his extradition case

Committee to Protect Journalists @pressfreedom explains why it defends Assange and opposes extradition to Trump's America

Speak up for Assange - International journalist Statement in Defence of Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson: “If Julian is taken to that Devil’s Island across the Atlantic, his life is lost”

Our Editor-in-Chief addressed the Australian National Press Club @PressClubAust about the fate of journalism and Julian on 3 December, available on @ABCTV Iview

“I strongly believe that resolving this issue has important international implications,” Hrafnsson said. “Prolonging it creates an enabling environment for the deterioration of press freedom standards globally”.

"Who spied on Julian Assange?"
Film from NDR (German state broadcaster) in English.

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