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United Nations Torture Representative Nils Melzer @NilsMelzer to UK foreign Office Re: Assange
"The UK Govt arbitrarily detains, abuses & plans to extradite to the US under ‘espionage’ charges for publishing evidence of war crimes & corruption"

Julian Assange appears in court as lawyers complain prison has blocked Wikileaks founder from seeing key evidence

'We have pushed Belmarsh in every way - it is a breach of a defendant's rights,' lawyer says

Julian Assange awarded 2019 Dignity Prize by The Catalan Dignity Commission

Join over a thousand professionals and sign the International Jounalists Statement in support of Julian here:

President of Mexico @lopezobrador_ calls for the release of Julian Assange

El presidente @lopezobrador_ sostuvo que la liberación de Julian Assange, estaría en favor de los Derechos Humanos.

Reporteros Sin Fronteras pide la puesta en libertad de Assange por razones humanitarias y que retiren los cargos por la Ley de Espionaje de EEUU

UN official accuses UK and US of torture over treatment of Assange and Manning

Email from the Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, demanding deletion of dissenting engineering assessment: “Please get this document out of DRA [Documents Registry Archive]... And please
remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA”

Minutes from an OPCW meeting with toxicologists specialized in chemical weapons: “the experts were conclusive in their statements that there was
no correlation between symptoms and chlorine exposure”.

RELEASE: OPCW-Douma Docs 4. Four leaked documents from the OPCW reveal that toxicologists ruled out deaths from chlorine exposure and a senior official ordered the deletion of the dissenting engineering report from OPCW’s internal repository of documents.

STAND BY: WikiLeaks will in an hour release more leaked documents from the OPCW, casting further doubt on the veracity of the investigation into the Douma incident last year.

The Guardian obligado a aclarar artículo engañoso sobre Assange y Rusia:

@elpaisuy editorial: Assange: "nothing is more appropriate than defending the right to free access to information"

The Guardian forced to clarify misleading article on Assange and Russia

Existe masivo apoyo de periodistas y alertadores. Tu puedes unirte a las voces que piden la libertad de Julian Assange acá:

Spain's top criminal court investigates company responsible for security at the [Ecuadorian] embassy which spied on Assange and passed on information to the US

@el_pais: Assange said today before the judge that he did not authorize the cameras of the Spanish company that guarded the Ecuadorian embassy in London to record the conversations he had with his lawyers

Hay un gran apoyo: Estan a favor de Julian periodistas y escritores. Adjunta to nombre aqui:

939 journalists (and whistleblowers) from 90 countries have signed the letter in defence of Julian Assange.

BACKGROUND to today's hearing: Spanish security company spied on Julian Assange in London for the United States

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